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Welcome Home

While most of the day is spent outdoors enjoying all that camp has to offer, our campers treasure the time in their cabins with their friends. We don't live in bunkhouses, but rather elegant, spacious, and comfortable cabin homes that provide a safe space for our campers to sleep and relax when not in programs. Our houses have bathrooms, showers, and personal space for all of your belongings. Our camper-counselor ratio is 4:1.


Our cabin programs allow the bunks to travel together from activity-to-activity in the mornings where they grow together, encourage each other, and become a family! Beyond regular activities, housemates enjoy trips, downtime, and other activities together!

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Cabin Life

Campers are placed in cabins with others around their age. Putting together our bunk assignments is a very deliberate process where we consider each individual camper and the dynamics of the entire bunk. We take into account each individual camper’s interests and personality, and by doing so, our bunks connect with each other quickly, and become family. The same amount of thought goes into assigning counselors to each bunk. We place the staff members that we feel will fit the best with each camper. 

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