Updated as of July 20th @ 9:01 PM. Please check regularly for more updates. 

Letter from StarCrest Directors

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) public health situation continues to play out, we know you’ve probably wondered about how its spread will impact your camper’s experience this summer. Believe us when we say we have too! As we move forward, we do so in wise caution, we’re still planning for this to be the summer of a lifetime for your camper.

To do our part in making that possible, we’re continuing to focus on our number one priority – your camper's safety. We’re planning on having a virtual experience that provides instruction, builds a community, finds friendship and increases confidence. We're doing so in a way that limits children and teens staring blindly at a computer or phone screen. We're working around the clock to find staff members that are skilled in classes that your children are interested in. Furthermore, we understand that this might be a financially stressful time for you and your family. Here at StarCrest, we don't want that to be a deterrent from providing a quality experience for your children. As a result, we're offering an affordable virtual program that compliments our values. 


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We feel it wise to keep the StarCrest Spirit alive online rather than in-person. While we’re so sad that we will no longer be able to serve the community in June, we respect the guidance given by governments and public health officials during this time. We must take precautions for the summer of 2020 so we can have a successful 2021 summer and beyond. 


COVID-19 was identified in late 2019 and has since spread throughout the world.

WHO and public health authorities around the world are taking action to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we are committed to keeping you informed with updates. Camp StarCrest is taking action and putting precautionary steps into place to ensure the safety of campers this summer.