What if my camper get homesick?

Homesickness is natural for campers to feel, especially if they are not used to being away from home. Even our staff feel this way sometimes. We can assure that our staff is well equipt to handle any homesick campers and makes sure they get all the care they need.

How Can I Communicate with my Camper?

Campers will have scheduled phone calls or video chats once a week. We will send you a phone call schedule in the spring. We also encourage campers to write letters, yes, letters, home twice a week. You can get in touch with your camper by sending an email through our parent portal or writing a letter yourself.

Can I send a care package to my camper?

We found that sending care packages to your camper creates unhealthy competition between bunkmates. Camp is the best gift you can give! If you want to send a care package for the entire bunk (example: cupcakes for someone's birthday), that can be arranged.

How often will my camper shower?

Campers shower every night before dinner, so they are refeshed for the night.

What happens if my camper is sick?

We have full-time nurses on camp at all times. Most minor injuries and sicknesses can be treated in our health center. For all other things we will take them to the closet hospital or ugrent care. We'll have complete and open communication with our staff so it'll be like you're there with your camper.

What if my camper needs to take medicine?

Camper medicine will be administered by our nursing staff.

Does my camper REALLY need everything on the packing list?

Yes, but that’s all they need. Remember, we do laundry twice a week, so you don’t need to worry about sending extra clothing. And keep in mind that campers might be coming home with a summer’s worth of art projects, letters and souvenirs packed into those duffels!

How do you make cabin assignments?

Your camper will live in a cabin with a group from a variety of cities and states. If your child has a friend at camp with whom they would like to bunk, we will try to honor that request. Cabin groups change each summer to allow campers to make friends with all the campers in each age group. Cabins are separated by gender.


What is my first day going to be like?

Maybe a little nervous at first… but then fun and exciting! When you arrive at camp you’ll be greeted by your new counselors. You'll settle into your cabin and meet your new bunkmates. Then we'll have dinner and our first all-camp evening activity of the summer, where you’ll get to meet all the rest of the staff and camp leaders who will help make your summer great. Then it’s back to the cabin to rest up for the next day at camp!

Who makes my bed and cleans the bunk?

Everyone at Camp StarCrest makes their own bed and helps keep the cabin clean. Don’t worry—your counselors and bunkmates are there if you need help. It takes teamwork to keep your cabin neat. Every day you will be responsible for picking up your own area, and then you will have a job on the cabin job chart that will change every day. There’s always someone around to lend a hand if you need help.

Who should I talk to if I'm upset about something?

Great question! There will be so many people around for you to go to if you have a problem. You will have two or three counselors in your cabin to whom you can talk about pretty much anything, plus there’s other program staff and your Directors. All of these people are great at solving problems and they will help you with whatever’s on your mind.

Do I always have to wear my uniform?

We wear uniform every day at Camp StarCrest—yes, counselors too! It’s a great way to show our camp spirit. There are occasional special “optional” days, like movie nights and Carnival, when you will be able to wear non-uniform clothes.

What else should I bring besides what's on the packing list?

How about a special blanket and your favorite stuffed animal? You’ll probably want a few pictures of home, and jacks are always fun. If there’s anything special you need to perform in talent night or participate in a favorite activity (like music or tap shoes), it’s a good idea to bring it along. Other than that, the packing list pretty much has it all… oh, don’t forget to bring a great big smile!

Do I get to pick my own activities?

Sure! You will have 1-2 electives a day depending on the age group you're in. Additionally you will have group programs where you will be put with other people at the same interests and skill level. You can also join a sports team, be in a play, perform in the dance ensemble, or help record the camp podcast. Also, every day we have Pineapple Hour, where you can informally chose activities that you're interested in.

Do I pick my bed in the cabin?

When you arrive at camp, all of your clothes will be unpacked and your bed will be made for you! You’ll let us know whether you like a top or bottom bunk.