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A home visit is an opportunity for your child (or children) to meet the director in their own home prior to the start of camp. It helps new campers start the summer off with less separation anxiety and more confidence.
So, what exactly is a home visit?  A home visit is basically a play date for you child and the director (and sometimes other campers). The visit is an opportunity for your child to get to know camp on his own turf, so to speak.   
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What is a home visit?

The choice is entirely yours and you are not required to have a home visit.   The home visit is simply one more tool for easing your child’s transition. It will allow the child to lead the visit, allowing him or her to select where they play and what they do together.  The director will stay for about 30-45 minutes. Overall, it is a casual time meant to introduce the child to camp and establish bonds of trust. 
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Fill Out the Form Below to Schedule

I am available in the morning (9am - 12pm) on these days:
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*Due to COVID19 concerns, we are having our meetings online until further notice. The benefit of this is that we can invite other campers to the visit so your child can meet others before camp! 
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