• Kirstie

How to Keep Your Kids Entertained During COVID-19

21 Things to Do with Your Kids During This Time

Physical Activity

1. Have a dance party

2. Take an online yoga, dance, or karate class

3. Play balloon volleyball and other ball sports

Mental Health

4. Daily meditation session

5. Create a journal

6. Have color time

Games & Activities

7. Make a scavenger hunt

8. Build a blanket fort

9. Make an obstacle course

Academic Fun

10. Start a book club

11. Conduct a science experiment

12. Hold a trivia night

Arts & Creativity

13. Put on a play

14. Make pop-up books and other arts and crafts

15. Build a terrarium

Cooking & Baking

16. Create a family cook book

17. Bake something every color of the rainbow

18. Have a pirate dinner (eat with your hands)

Go Outside (yard, driveway, garden, porch)

19. Camp out in the yard

20. Create a nature journal

21. Enjoy the classics: sidewalk chalk, hopscotch, four square etc.

*If you're able to safely go on a walk do so! Sunshine is important!

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