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Leadership at Camp

“Before one becomes a leader, success is all about growing yourself. But

when one becomes a leader, success is all about growing others.”

The overall development of the child depends on various factors ranging from academics to exposure to environment, passion or interests, extra-curricular activities, etc. Today’s young children will be the next generation of leaders in their families, communities and workplace. And hence it becomes very crucial to enhance all factors since their early age to develop their leadership qualities. Camp is a wonderful place to develop leadership skills.

Being a leader means to help without being asked and helping others when they’re hurt or they’re lost. Anyone could be a leader as long as they’re willing to be patient and understanding while people look up to you.

To be a leader is to set good examples for everyone. Being a leader means that you try your hardest to increase positivity in the community. They work towards a better future by organizing and participating in events.

At camp, leadership means to help younger campers while older campers and set a good example for everyone. Our Star campers are tasked with helping out with color clash while leading the camp in its spirit. The activities that Camp StarCrest offers give any camp regardless of age the opportunity to help and lead starting from a young age.

Being a leader means to help people that need help and to stand up for everyone in a tough situation bust most importantly being a leader means being a good role model. Anybody can be a leader as long as they have a good attitude about helping people and step up to the challenge when people need help or when you are teaching them something.

Below are some leadership skills that we strive to teach at Camp StarCrest.

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