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Resume Help for Prospective Counselors

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

How you can make your RESUME STAND OUT in the spring to have an AMAZING JOB in the SUMMER

By: @KirstieRodden

Working as a camp counselor is such a rewarding, exciting, and meaningful experience. You can learn so much about yourself when working at a summer camp. You'll be working in a face-paced environment with plenty of room for ADVENTURE. If this is of any interest, keep reading for tips to help your resume stick out!

Before you start applying make sure to check out information about the camp. Also STAFF REVIEWS and COUNSELOR RETENTION RATES to make sure it's a place you want to spend your summer.

Do you have a specific activity that you're passionate about? SHARE IT. Don't have camp experience? HIGHLIGHT OTHER CHILDREN JOBS (Coaching, babysitting, etc.).

- Make sure you draw attention to specific skills -

Rather than simply listing your skills, go into detail about them. This is a spot to highlight your love for the wilderness and experiences you have working with children. Take your most relevant duties that you had and TAILOR IT TO THE JOB/ CAMP YOUR APPLYING FOR.

To give some examples:

• If you're applying to a traditional summer camp and want to apply for a general counselor position that wants to teach tennis, talk about your experience as a tennis player and any coaching experience you may have.

• If your applying to a science camp you might not only mention your love for science but your love for teaching and working outside in the forest.

• Meanwhile if you're working at a film camp none of that might be relevant. Instead talk about film and creative experience.

Even if you've never worked at camp before you can showcase how you've handled difficult situations.

Have you had to tell something difficult to a friend? Have you ever had to discipline a little sibling? Do you have experience building up a team and helping a community? MENTION ALL OF THIS IN YOUR RESUME AND COVER LETTER!

We'd love to help you with your resume and cover letter! If you have any questions about applying to camp jobs, LET US KNOW! You can comment, email, or connect with us on LinkedIn or Instagram.

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