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POSITIONS: Athletics, Art, Aquatics, Adventure, Fun-U

Counselors live in the cabins with campers.  You will specialize in an area that you have expertise in. You will work full-time in that program area where you will coordinate and oversee campers during the day. In the evening you'll be helping with the all-camp evening activity. All staff members are responsible for the physical and emotional well-being of their campers. (18+)

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Media Producer

POSITIONS: Photographer/ Videographer

Responsible for capturing campers and staff through photos and videos. Responsible for producing a highlight reel at the end of each week, uploading pictures to the website, interviewing campers and staff about their experience, and editing sizzle reels for each program area. Works closely with the directors of the camp to ensure the mission and values of the camp come through in every video. This is a live-in position.

Medical Staff


Our Medical Staff is a crucial part of the camp community. We have a staff of full-time RNs who dispense all medications (prescription and over-the-counter), triage and treat campers and staff at daily clinic calls, supervise campers not well enough to attend activities, manage our Health Center, and are on call to respond to medical needs on camp. Nurses may also be asked to help supervise day trips and help address general community health and hygiene issues.

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Support Staff

POSITIONS: Elite Staff

Camp could not function properly without our Support Staff, who work around the clock to take care of all of our campers and staff. Our hardworking elite staff assist in the preparation and cleanup of three meals. They also work to make sure each cabin’s laundry is done twice every week. They are not responsible for a particular cabin or program area but might be asked to help out with other areas as needed

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