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January 2023 Highlights!

StarCrest NatureSchool is here to provide our students a place where they can have fun, learn, face challenges, and master new skills. Our mission is to inspire a love of learning informed by play and a connection to nature. We aim to support and nurture thoughtful, caring, and informed individuals who are confident in action and thought, while becoming friends for the earth.

How do we achieve our mission statement?

We center all of our schools and camps on our 5-Star Values: Seek, Support, Spirit, Service, and Skill.

Seek: We give our students the opportunity to explore the world around them and inspiring curiosity.

Support: Our students are encouraged to help friends whenever they need and learn to ask for assistance when needed

Spirit: Whether you're at StarCrest for camp or school, we put an emphasis on fun and play, giving your child the opportunity to be themselves.

Service: All of our programs focus on making the world a better place and participate in a service project.

Skill: Our learners obtain new lessons everyday and strive to get better at things they already know how to do.

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