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Evening Activities - at Camp StarCrest, we add spice to our daily program with an evening activity everyday. Some of our evening activities in the past have included dance parties, casino night, canvas painting, leagues, and movie nights. This gives the campers a chance to bond with other cabins while having fun. 

Special Events - Camp wouldn't be complete without some special events! From our Aquarama to our top-secret tradition, Pineapple Night, our end of the summer banquet & campfire, our annual Color Clash, and so many more.

Trips - Occasionally during the summer, we'll take trips to nearby attractions, giving campers the opportunity to explore outside of Camp StarCrest. Our trips include beach days and all-day hikes. Other possible events include baseball & basketball games, zoo trips, and amusement parks depending on your session and location. In addition to all-camp trips, our LITs & CIAs will visit college campuses during their time at camp. 


Whether it's a, evening activity, special event, or trip, campers look forward to finding out what new and exciting events we'll come up with next! 

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